What is an Elite Finish® Detail?

An Elite Finish® Detail goes beyond the average car wash or professional detail. A true detail will bring back the depth and clarity of your vehicle’s paint and leave your car shining better than it did when it left the showroom floor. Every nook and cranny is cleaned with the utmost attention to detail, and every interior surface is clean and rich in color while feeling extremely smooth to the touch with no greasy or overly shiny finish. When you have your car properly detailed by professionals who care, your vehicle’s finish is not only enhanced, but preserved for years to come.


Team members detailing a Tesla Model Y at Elite Finish San Diego.


Our customers choose our Elite Finish® Detailing services for several reasons. We can transform, and enhance the look of any vehicle, new or used. We are often brought newly purchased vehicles from our clients to both sanitize the interior and to make the exterior look even better than brand new. Many others will bring their vehicle in for a Detail or Exterior Enhancement to help sell their vehicle for top dollar. We also recommend routine services for vehicles that have been previously Ceramic Coated or protected with PPF, to prolong the beauty of the coatings and film.

An Elite Finish® Detail is just the starting point. The higher tier the service, the more protection and transformation we deliver. Any service we offer will always be to the highest standards within the industry for that level of service. If you are looking for a major transformation to repair scratches, swirl marks, paint stains, or water spots, we can add Paint Correction to these services. If you are looking for much longer-term protection of your vehicle, make sure to look into our Ceramic Coating, and Paint Protection Film services. We even offer Window Tint and Vehicle Styling & Customization.

Before and After photos side by side of Ford GT that received an Elite Wash Detail.
Ford GT Before and After Elite Finish® Detail
Elite Finish Detailer Spraying WashMist on a Porsche Spyder.

Our Detailing Technique:

Our professional detailing team is trained to examine each vehicle with the highest level of attention to detail. We clean every vehicle by using our own proprietary waterless wash, WashMist®, paired with the best microfiber towels on the planet. This process is safer on your vehicle’s finish than any other washing method and allows our detailers to inspect every inch of the vehicle during the washing process. We never stop testing products for the manufacturers we work with, so we always stay ahead of the curve in both the products we use as well as the techniques we employ.

We strive for excellence in any service we perform and every one of our team members gets so much thrill out of watching our customers smile with excitement and shock when they pick up their vehicles!

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Exterior Enhancement


  • Exterior Rejuvenation.
  • Machine Polish Paint for High Shine and Added Depth (Paint Correction Level 1).
  • Condition Plastic and Rubber Trim with CARPRO PERL.
  • Application of CARPRO Essence + (Premium Inorganic Sealant) to Paintwork, & Exterior Glass.
  • Application of CARPRO Reload 2.0 (Premium Inorganic Sealant) to Wheels & Brake Calipers.
  • Add an Interior Conditioning - Bundled Discount $50 OFF.
Spraying Reload 2.0 on Microfiber Towel during Rejuve

Exterior Rejuvenation


  • Elite Wash
  • Decontamination of Paint for a Smooth-As-Glass Finish & to Remove all Impurities in the Pores of the Paint.
  • Application of CARPRO Reload 2.0 (Premium Inorganic Sealant) to Paintwork, Door Jambs, Exterior Glass, & Wheels.
  • Add an Interior Conditioning - Bundled Discount $50 OFF.
Detailer cleaning steering wheel of Porsche with brush and product.

Interior Conditioning


  • Ultra Plush Upholstery and Carpets.
  • Clean all Gauges/Knobs/Buttons/Vents/Vinyl/Plastic/Fabric/Leather.
  • Condition & UV Protect Vinyl/Plastic/Fabric/Leather.
  • Add an Exterior Detailing - Bundled Discount $50 OFF.

Elite Wash


  • Eco-Friendly Wash (Use of Premium Grade Chemicals and Micro-Fiber Towels).
  • Clean Exhaust Tips.
  • Deep Cleaned Rims/Wheels & Tires Dressed.
  • Cleaned Door Jambs.
  • Thorough Interior Vacuum.
  • Dust Removal of Dash/Doors/Console/Buttons/Gauges/Vents/Seats.
  • Interior Wood/Metal Trim Cleaned.
  • Premium Odor Prevention Enzymes.
  • Crystal Clear Windows.
  • Want some added protection? Add Ceramic Spray Sealant application to all exterior surfaces for $100.
  • Add an Interior Conditioning - Bundled Discount $50 OFF.


  • Paint CorrectionCall for Estimate
  • Paint Touch-Up Starting at $150
  • CARPRO “CQUARTZ Finest RESERVE” (High Gloss 3+ YR Paint Protection. Limited 3Yr Warranty) – Learn more at: Ceramic Coating
  • CARPRO “CQUARTZ Professional” (High Gloss 2+ YR Paint Protection. Limited 2Yr Warranty) – Learn more at: Ceramic Coating
  • CARPRO “CQUARTZ” (High Gloss 2+ YR Paint Protection.) – Learn more at: Ceramic Coating
  • Premium Clear Bra / Paint Protection Film Installation – Call for Estimate
  • Premium Window TintCall for Estimate
  • Vehicle CustomizationCall for Estimate
  • Exotic Engine Detail (Coated with CARPRO PERL & CQUARTZ Finest) – From $250.00 to $1,500.00
  • Engine Detail (Coated with CARPRO PERL) – From $100.00 to $200.00
  • Rim & Brake Detail & Coating – Wheels & Brake Calipers Coated with CQUARTZ DLUX – Starting at $125 / Corner
  • Exterior Rubber and Plastic Trim Reconditioning & Coating with CQUARTZ Dlux – From $100.00 to $500.00
  • Permanent Odor Removal w/ Ozone Treatment – Starting at $250.00
  • Windshield Break Repair – Starting at $120.00
  • Premium Factory Windshield Replacement – Call for Estimate
  • Headlight Restoration – Starting at $100.00 / headlight
  • Rim/Wheel Repair – Starting at $150.00 / Wheel
  • Paint-Less Dent Repair – Call for Estimate


WashMist® is our very own proprietary waterless wash developed with auto enthusiasts and our environment in mind. With WashMist® you can conveniently wash your car just about anywhere! Using our cutting edge technology, we use less than one pint of water per wash!

The spray’s hydrophobic chemicals encapsulate dirt and dust particles.  Perfect for those with limited access to water, or the car enthusiast that just arrived at a car show. WashMist® safely lifts away dirt and grime while leaving behind a protective layer of hydrophobic polymers.

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