Paint Protection Film, also known as PPF or Clear Bra, works as an invisible layer of armor on top of your vehicle’s paint. We use a hydrophobic and self-healing film that is safe to apply to any new or used vehicle. Paint Protection Film protects your car from rock chips, road debris, contaminants, bird droppings, water spotting and more. We can apply PPF to high risk impact areas or to the entire vehicle for the ultimate protection. Paint Protection Film even comes in some incredible colors and printed patterns to add long term styling options.


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Bentley Speed DYNOshield PPF
Porsche 992 Turbo DYNOshield

Why Get Ppf installed?

It’s as simple as this, if you are concerned about having the best for your vehicle and want to ensure that it stays protected against rock chips, road grime, and scratches, you want Paint Protection Film.

It is the single most effective way for you to protect your vehicle’s finish! These hazards can be, at best, expensive and hard to repair, and at worst, can expose bare metal and lead to rust and corrosion! If chips and scratches are a concern for you, Paint Protection Film is the answer!

Our paint protection film is 100% safely removable on factory paint, and provides all of the protection you need with none of the peeling, cracking, yellowing, and blistering that can happen with other less-advanced films on the market. STEK, hands down, is leading the industry in clarity, and factory looking texture. 

All the other leading films on the market have more “orange peel” texture than the OEM paint finish of your car. As high line Detailers, that texture drives us crazy. STEK carries a 10-year warranty against delamination, yellowing, bubbling, and cracking for that extra peace of mind!

Our Installation Technique

Our process for applying Paint Protection Film is one of the most unique and most advanced in the industry. We not only have some of the highest skilled installers in the country, we also focus on the condition of the existing paint before applying our PPF. We make sure your paint is in pristine condition, through Paint Correction processes, before applying the film. This ensures the highest quality of install but also enhances the overall look of the car. YES, even brand-new vehicles benefit from these steps! Elite Finish® provides vehicle enhancement at the highest of levels.

Our preferred method of installation is to trim the film by hand to ensure that every piece of film matches up with the unique details of your vehicle. Our approach to the installation process is fully custom, seamless, and provides the maximum coverage possible. Our goal is to make it next to impossible to see with the human eye that there is film on your vehicle! This isn’t only important for what looks esthetically pleasing, it also ensures maximum protection. 

How is this different FROM other PPF installers?

Most shops rely heavily on software patterns, plotted out on plotter machines to guide their installation process. The plotter is basically a large printer with a blade that pre-cuts the material to the shape of the car. The advantage of this is to help newer installers to safely install the material as well as it makes the install process faster. The problem with this is that the software is not factoring in custom details of a vehicle or all skill levels of the installer. It’s more of a one size fits all approach which leaves gaps and even seams in certain areas of the installation process. Seams are where two pieces of material are brought together. Dirt gets trapped in these seams over time which looks unsightly. Any gaps in the film increase the risk of paint chipping in those areas.



STEK Paint Protection Film is 100% safely removable on most factory paint and provides all of the protection you need with none of the peeling, cracking, yellowing, or blistering that can happen with other less-advanced films. The clear/gloss DYNOshield PPF is simply the most slick, clear and glossy on the market. The clear/satin DYNOmatt film matches factory frozen paint almost exactly dead on. We love topping the PPF with CQuartz SKIN to take the protection and look to the next level. 

STEK’s warranty process is straightforward and easy to complete. Other companies on the market often look for ways out of a warranty claim. We firmly stand behind the products and brands we work with in combination with our workmanship. 

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choose the look that fits your vehicle!

clear gloss ppf

DYNOshield is our top-performing clear bra! It has strong self-healing and hydrophobic properties. It is UV resistant, anti-yellowing and provides a unique gloss and clarity.

clear matte ppf

DYNOmatt turns gloss paint into a beautifully protected matte finish, or is the perfect way to protect factory matte paint. Self-healing and hydrophobic, this is one of the most popular ways to alter the look of your vehicle for those looking for a subtle change in appearance.

Fashion & Color PPF

DYNOfashion is STEK’s line of innovative designs and patterns. DYNOcarbon is one of the most popular films we commonly add to roofs, side skirts, and spoilers. Other options include DYNOcolor, DYNOdamascus and DYNOprism.

All STEK Paint Protection Films are backed by a 10 year warranty!

choose your level of protection

We customize to find the best solution for your specific vehicle and needs. Here are some base options to give you a better idea of the levels of protection we typically install for our clients. Each Protection Package listed below includes the Decontamination of Paint and Level 1 Paint Correction performed to the panels being protected (Added Sanding and Paint Correction may be needed). The best way to find out what is the right option for you is to submit a request for a quote or to give us a call and we will guide you in the right direction.

*Our Custom Tailored PPF services often require disassembly and reassembly for the highest level of installation.

Front Impact Package

Starting at $1,250

What’s covered:

This includes a Custom Tailored or a Customized Pattern installation of STEK DYNOshield to protect your Front End High Impact Areas that normally see the most hits from rocks and road debris. This package is often paired with a CQuartz Ceramic Coating service applied to the entire vehicle.

Full front package

Starting at $2,000

What’s covered:

This includes a Custom Tailored or a Customized Pattern installation of STEK DYNOshield to protect the Front Impact Areas plus the Entire Hood, and Front Fenders. This package is often paired with a CQuartz Ceramic Coating service to the entire vehicle. Usually highly driven and especially performance driven vehicles add this extra coverage.

track package

Starting at $2,800

What’s covered:

Designed for those who take their vehicle to the track or even regular cruises through the canyons. This service covers the most important high impact areas for those not quite ready for the full vehicle install and includes a Custom Tailored or a Customized Pattern installation of STEK DYNOshield to protect the Full Front Impact Areas plus the Rocker Panels and More. This package is often paired with a CQuartz Ceramic Coating service to the entire vehicle.


full vehicle coverage

Starting at $6,000

What’s covered:

If you want the ultimate peace of mind in preserving the value of your vehicle, this package is for you! We cover every inch of paint on your vehicle with a Custom Tailored or a Customized Pattern installation of STEK DYNOshield or DYNOmatt. We often customize each vehicle with accents of STEK Fashion PPF including DYNOcarbon or DYNOblack and even the various Tinted PPF options for Headlights and Taillights. Most will have us enhance the PPF top coat attributes with an application of CQuartz SKIN.

windshield protection

Windshield Protection Film protects your windshield from high repair expenses caused by rock chips and sand pitting and provides 99% UV protection.



DYNOshade gives you a beautifully shaded light making a subtle difference that protects and enhances both lenses and housing.


DYNOshadow offers you a medium darkness with a beautiful charcoal color tone. Perfect for those wanting a sleek and mature look not quite as dark as DYNOsmoke.


DYNOsmoke is the darkest option for those pursuing a stealthy look. Perfect for toning down chrome housing or adding a touch of uniqueness to your headlights, taillights and turn signals.


DYNOyellow is a classic yellow film. Inspired by race cultures across the globe, give your car or truck a track and off-road personality with worthy protection.

the best way to find out what is best for you and your vehicle is to reach out to us.

We don’t sell out-of-the-box solutions to our clients. We take the time to make sure the products and services you get are a perfect fit for your budget and needs.

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