The Best Way to Protect & Clean Your Wheels.

Hate cleaning your wheels? Don’t worry, everyone does! Read on to learn the best way to keep your wheels and calipers clean and protected.
You’ve heard about Ceramic Coating your vehicle’s paint for protection and maintenance – but did you know that it’s also extremely beneficial to Ceramic Coat your wheels and calipers? If you’re one to push off cleaning your wheels often enough, you probably notice a lot of brake dust build up, which can lead to rust and corrosion to your wheel’s finish. This is NOT GOOD!
Before Ceramic Coating is applied, the prep process is extremely thorough so the coating has the best bond to last as long as possible. Starting off with a thorough wash of the wheel, we then use CarPro IronX to decontaminate any remaining metal or brake dust particles on the wheel. This chemical turns purple when reacting with iron particles. This may surprise you if you thought your wheels where clean as some iron build up can be close to invisible to the eye.

Applying a Ceramic Coating to your wheels and calipers will help prolong brake dust build up and rusting, and when it does come time to clean your car and wheels – it will be much less of a headache. Ceramic Coating can be applied to any wheel finish including gloss or matte and will not change the look of the finish. It will also make them much easier to clean the next time you do get around to cleaning them.
At Elite Finish, not only do we offer CQuartz Ceramic Coating services, we also offer professional training and education courses throughout the year. So if you’re someone who is a DIYer or Detailing Professional who wants to enhance their skills, or if you’re new to Ceramic Coating and just need a few questions answered about the product and service, get in contact with our team, we are always here to help!

Watch the video below to learn more about the best way to clean and protect your wheels with Ceramic Coating and visit our shop online or at our San Diego location to purchase the same products we use and recommend to our customers.