What makes us a top recommended shop in san diego for Automotive Services?

What defines the “Elite Finish”? It’s our constant pursuit of excellence to provide our clients with the highest level of care at each of our locations in California, Nevada and Georgia. We do that by being exemplary industry leaders and reigniting the excitement our client’s have for their vehicles.

The Owner and Master Detailer, Wes Walz, has built a worldwide reputation throughout the premium auto detailing industry due to his unrivaled quality of work, healthy customer relations and ability to effectively develop new methods and products that set the standard for premium Auto Detailers everywhere. 

By always listening to our customers, we decided to take our knowledge and create the highest standards for detailing while preserving the environment for generations to come. We accomplished this by developing our very own Waterless Wash System ‘WashMist’.

Unmatched Customer Service

We take our time with each and every customer to ensure we provide the exact look and protection that is needed for their vehicle. We take into account everything from the amount of use the vehicle will get to what environment it will be living in. And if for any reason, something isn’t right, we will make it right. No questions asked! Just take a look at what our clients are saying about their experience with our team!

We are Eco-Friendly

Preserving our limited resources… We save water and our environment by using our very own, cutting edge technology that requires less than one pint of water. The average “Water and Soap Wash” uses roughly 2 – 5 gallons of water. Our Eco-Friendly processes also just so happen to be of the safest methods for keeping your vehicle clean and free of unsightly wash damage, i.e. wash swirls.

We are committed to preserving our environment for generations to come and keeping harmful disease manifesting toxins out of human and animal contact. The wonderful part for you is, this form of washing is the easiest and gentlest washing technique for even the most delicate paint finishes!

the best way to find out what is best for you and your vehicle is to reach out to us.

We don’t sell out-of-the-box solutions to our clients. We take the time to make sure the products and services you get are a perfect fit for your budget and needs.

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