Stunning Results after Ceramic Coating a 1950s Mercury Car

Ceramic Coating a Classic Car in San Diego

Our client brought in their 1950 Mercury to our San Diego location for Ceramic Coating services. This Mercury has been a cherished family heirloom for over a century. After grandpa passed away, the family decided to preserve the nostalgia and keep the family car looking its best. With any car with older paint, especially black paint, polishing and enhancing can be quite a challenge. So the family decided it was best to take it to the pros. Our team has over 20 years of experience and expertise to handle even the most delicate paint correction and protection projects.


We performed our CQUARTZ FINEST RESERVE Ceramic Coating service in San Diego, which includes an Elite Wash, Paint Decontamination, Level 1 Paint Correction, 1 Base Layer DQUARTZ, 2 Layers of CQUARTZ FINEST RESERVE, and a 5 Year CARPRO Warranty.⁠ The family now takes the beautifully restored Mercury to San Diego car shows together and have already won several awards for its pristine condition.
WE ARE A CQUARTZ FINEST RESERVE &⁠ CQUARTZ PROFESSIONAL CERTIFIED INSTALLER! The program demands the highest quality and care from their installers and we are proud to be the only location in San Diego and one of few in Southern California to provide these top-notch Ceramic Coating services to our clients. ⁠
Whether you’re aiming to polish and restore the paint on a classic car for car shows or seeking to protect and maintain the showroom shine of your modern vehicle, we’ve got you covered. Let us bring out the best in your car, no matter its age.
Review from the client:
Elite finish far exceeded our expectations. My dad was in the process of restoring his 1950 Mercury M72A, but unfortunately passed away before completion. We inherited the car and finished the process. Final step was Elite Finish. They took their time to do it right. When we picked it up, all employees stopped what they were doing to present it to us and made us feel so important. We couldn’t believe it was the same car. We are amazed how beautiful it is. Two days later, we took it to our first car show and won. Many people complimented the car and asked for Elite Finish business card. I highly recommend them. They are compassionate about what they do and how they treat their customers. Thanks again to a job well done.
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Visit our YouTube to see more examples of Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings completed at Elite Finish San Diego.